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Justice on Appeal

Justice on Appeal

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In January 2019, I received Justice on Appeal of a decision regarding parking tickets at Wandsworth County Court. Read my story below. 

Justice on Appeal

Wandsworth Tonight

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As a Wandsworth resident for many years, I felt it my duty to help others fight for Justice against Car Park Bully who had demanded money from residents.

Radio Interview

A Real Honour

Darren Bolger, Badge of Honour, Wandsworth, Mayor, Services to the Community. Justice on Appeal.

I am delighted and humbled to be included in the Local Authority Role of Honour and then receive the Mayoral award 'Badge of Honour' for services to the Community.

Roll of Honour



The Home Club, TRUSTED COMMUNITY, LEADERS, ENTREPRENEURS, executives, social elite,

Beginning as a Tradesman and Master Carpenter & Joiner  before incorporating my first business in Wandsworth SW London  in 2000. Working on Loft Conversions, Extensions and other Major Residential Building Works.

Design & Technology

The Home Club, TRUSTED COMMUNITY, LEADERS, ENTREPRENEURS, executives, social elite,

With Design & Technology at the very heart of my education, training and natural creative abilities, I brought Interior Designers and other property professionals into my network, creating additional services and supplies for my clients. 

Tech & Networks

The Home Club, TRUSTED COMMUNITY, LEADERS, ENTREPRENEURS, executives, social elite,

With technology advancing, I decided to create an Online Platform and Community in the Property genre of business, faciliting both the Building Works, Supplies of FF&E (Fixtures, Fittings & Equipment) connecting homeowners & professionals.


The Home Club, TRUSTED COMMUNITY, LEADERS, ENTREPRENEURS, executives, social elite,

Noting the Envy an Concerns of Privacy and Security of High Net Worth Individuals using Social Medial platforms such as Facebook and Others, I decided to extend the areas of business to encorporate the main wants and needs of these HNW's (Including Property) all within one trusted Community - 

The Home Club was formed.


Bentley, Taj Palaces, Oliver Sweeney, The Langham, Six Senses, Thanos, Hotels, Palaces and Resorts,

Beginning with those HNW contacts of mine, then adding their friends and networks, I soon included our 'Affiliates'  (Suppliers of Quality goods & Services). The Home Club began to facilitate the wants and needs of our Members, who we call, Executives, Entrepreneurs & the Social Elite giving them even more Advantages and Privileges. 


The Home Club, TRUSTED COMMUNITY, LEADERS, ENTREPRENEURS, executives, social elite,

Throughout my life and Career, I have done all I can to give back and included Corporate Social Responsibility 'CSR' into all of my businesses. Whilst The Home Club is a culmination of all my current Career lessons and Initiatives, it is then only right to include a Robust and Accountable Business Model. The Home Club will become a 'CIC' in 2018

Operation Westminster

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I tell my astonishing story in the forthcoming book, the first of a trilogy, namely Operation Westminster. 

The book is being considered for adaptation for television and potential film. 

This, the first of the trilogy to be launched at an event in 2019 and the further developments will be posted accordingly. 

Operation Westminster

The Home Club


After the successful Research & Development of an online Community, I formed The Home Club, an Exclusive Private Online community for Executives, Entrepreneurs & the Social Elite.

We give first look at new matters of interest, hold private events and give other fabulous exclusive opportunities for those that can.

Trust, Honour and Integrity are everything.

The Home Club

Darren Bolger Builder


Beginning in the building and construction industry working alongside Construction Professionals to build and refurbish luxurious homes and enhance  the Communities in which the works are carried out. Construction Professionals support local Charities and Community Projects support and develop local people with work experience and Apprenticeships in Construction.

Opulent Interiors


Justice on Appeal


Noting the frustrations in the  British Legal System in-justice, both from Universities Trainee Barristers and those claiming that they were 'wrongfully convicted' of Crimes, I decided to form a Registered Charity to address the concerns of both. Prisoners were siting on piles of Legal Papers (Depositions) and the Trainees wanted Papers to read and cases to work on. A simple but effective partnership which was said by Sir Michael Napier CBE QC as, "an initiative for Justice"

Justice on Appeal

Suited & Booted


I was introduced to Dr. Maria Lenn, Founder of the Registered Charity, Suited & Booted which was then situated in St. Andrews Church in the City of London. The Charity gave suits and shoes to unemployed and hard to reach men,  some of which had just been released from Prison and looking at the uphill struggles of finding employment and rebuilding their lives. I attended and both helped dress the men and given them, confidence and moral building skills.

Suited and Booted

Whittington Walk


I was given the great Honour of walking aside 27 Mayors of Greater London and the Rt. Hon. the (past) Lord Mayor of the City of London, Lord Mounteavens. Beginning at the Whittington Hospital in Highgate, we walked the Journey said to have been the same as the three times Lord Mayor of the City of London, 'Dick Whittington'. We all had a lovely tea at Islington Town Hall before I personally donated to the Whittington Hospital Charitable Trust. 

Whittington Walk

City Giving Day

Darren Bolger, City of London, City Giving Day. Lord Mayor of the City of London Lord Mountevans,

Upon completing the Whittington Walk I was again Honoured by being invited by Lord Mounteavens back to Mansion House for Lunch and to see the Mayors of Greater London receive their Certificates.

City Giving Day

City Giving Day

Darren Bolger, City of London, City Giving Day. Lord Mayor of the City of London Dr. Andrew Parmley,

In a second year of Support to the Lord Mayor's City Giving Day, The Home Club donated to the Lord Mayors' Charities and continues to do so. A special Invitation to the Silent Ceremony was a highlight.

City Giving Day

City Giving Day

Darren Bolger, City of London, City Giving Day. Lord Mayor of the City of London Charles Bowman,

A third consecutive year of support to City Giving Day, the Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of the City of London Charles Bowman. Pictured at Breakfast in Mansion House in February 2018.

City Giving Day


No Excuses

Wandsworth Mayor Ball

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Community Links

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Community Leaders Support

Counsellor Nicola Nardelli, Wandsworth Council, Mayor of Wandsworth, Joe Macari event,

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Tools of the Trade

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The Art of Design

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Jackson - Construction

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Jackson was one of the volunteers at the BMX Jam in Kimber Road Skateboard Park in Wandsworth. He was lacking direction and had too many opportunities including working in his fathers design business. I brought him into the residential building industry as a Site Operative so that he could have real-time experiences on a working building site. Jackson learnt a lot and was very hardworking and well mannered. A credit to his family and the community and a really nice guy. Fortunately Jackson discovered his career path was not in construction but instead with his father and he thanked us for giving him guidance and insights that he would haven't otherwise been given.  A great loss to the building industry but an asset to the wider community as he now has direction, experience and purpose. 

Steph - Entrepreneur

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I met with a German National studying Business in London and wanting to become a leading female Entreneur and Businesswoman, but had no idea where to start.

I personally gave her challenges and inspirations and educated her on how to be an Entrepreneur, thinking about the wider Community and how to give back to society during her Career. 

Her own words tell all.

In her own words...

Adelle - Wellbeing

Harley street nutrition, Adelle Robinson, mentoring, wellbeing, Darren Bolger

Adelle has it all, lifestyle, partner, great job as Executive Assistant  at Ernst Young Global in London. Adelle's passion for a healthy lifestyle began in her homeland of South Africa and loved her tennis an friends. She was as secure as one might imagine and yet found herself wanting more from her life and importantly to somehow have her own business and the flexibility that comes with it. She asked me to help her to realise her dreams and give her guidance and support in forming a new business and giving her insights into being an Entrepreneur.

Adelle is a credit to herself as she worked extremely hard holding down a full time job and still taking the time within her very busy social life to deliver on her dreams and aspirations. Adelle is now about to leave EY and work solely on her Nutrition Business.

Burntwood Lane School

Burntwood Lane School, Darren Bolger, Mentoring, Entrepreneur, The Home Club

Jackson said that he was interested in construction in his Home town of Wandsworth. 

I brought him into residential building as a Site Operative so that he could have real-time experiences on a working building site. 

Roedean School

Roedean School, Darren Bolger, Mentoring, Entrepreneur, The Home Club

I was invited to Roedean School in West Sussex to give a talk on my Entrepreneurial Journey.  Then forming up my own business with my own funds and taking the risks that have made me an Entrepreneur.  

Unfortunately, I have since been made aware of the degree of bullying at this school which has led to one pupil being forced to leave, "I cried every day, was excluded, bullied and my words to those at the school went unheard."

At Roedean School

University Students

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I have assisted with the Mentoring and Education of people from Diverse backgrounds, beliefs and aspirations. 

In addition, those that I have mentored have no boundaries nor barriers and are all treated fairly and respectfully.