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Stephi - Mentoring


In Stephi's own words...

"I am a 25 year old German National studying business in London. I was introduced to Darren via the Guild of Entrepreneurs as I want to become a leading female entrepreneur but just didn't know how or where to begin or how to be an Entrepreneur.

Darren’s mentoring program helped me to realize crucial details that will guide me to develop myself in order to have a successful career. 

He showed me how to think critically at every step. As a student, you do not realize how important these stages are in a process of building a business as an Entrepreneur. 

People mention Networking, it all the time, but because it seems a daily routine, you simply stop paying attention to keeping shaping it.  Darren’s great experience and creativity gave me a better vision about how to study clients to satisfy their expectations and necessities, then how to give back showing added value in business.

Darren also motivated me to ‘dream big’, be innovative, create blue oceans and transform communities. A business is not just about making money anymore, but to be able to reshape the future. Nowadays, I have stronger and more compelling understanding of business and importantly how to be a successful Entrepreneur, so that when I complete my business studies and begin my business project, then it will be much more solid than before. 

Having the theory and a close look at the practice, gives me a great advantage. Now it is my turn to put into practice what I have learned. Darren’s Apprentice Entrepreneurs program does not leave me here but will also give further guidance and support throughout my Entrepreneurial Journey.

I actually loved it!"